Fibre festivals

First things first on the topic of yarn festivals – I recently participated in the Woolfest Auckland event. I will also be trading at the Capital Fibre Festival at Upper Hutt on 10 July.  I’m aware of (some of) the discussion and debate around participating in these festivals, CFF in particular, and have thought carefully about being present, or not. I recognise that having chosen to be part of the wider yarn/craft community that I will not agree with everyone, their decisions, positions and actions. Neither will everyone agree with me, but it seems important to keep trying to go forward in a way that encourages inclusivity and welcomes diversity and that we learn and improve as we go.

So, in choosing to participate here’s what you can expect from me.

I promise to live up to my philosophy of being kind by being inclusive and welcoming to all, treating people fairly, honestly with equality and dignity.

I respect the differing viewpoints other people express and offer my comment or opinion with respect.

I admire those who are confident and authentic sharing their views on social media. I don’t feel my voice is authentic in that space, I will however speak up in person when it’s needed. I understand that some people will want to know more about who you are potentially buying yarn from.

I’m a (former) medical scientist, I believe in science.  I support vaccination against infectious diseases in general and COVID-19 in particular. I support the public health measures put in place to protect us from Covid – mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing (etc) and I diligently scan the Covid tracker codes wherever I go.

I don’t and won’t get things right all the time, and I will do my best to right my wrongs. I know I have benefited from expanding my reading, listening and following to learn and understand new perspectives on important social issues like diversity, colonization and decolonization in the NZ context. I consider it an honour to be a treaty partner (Tangata Tiriti) and I aspire to be a good one. I will encourage and support shared learning.

I will be pleased to see you at Capital Fibre Festival, to kōrero, to enjoy your company.

Update on bunny kits

Back in October last year I wrote about the Bunny kits I had put together ahead of last year’s Capital Fibre Festival. I sold all of them at that festival, made up some more for people who asked, and sold the last few at Woolfest Auckland. In total, $570 was donated to Women’s Refuge to their Safe Nights campaign. Thank you so much for buying these kits – it’s a rewarding donation partnership between us.

I’ve put some more lovely skeins aside and I’ll make them up into kits – I’m trying my best to get a few ready for this weekend’s CFF. This time there will be some nice grey yarn just right for knitting a cute little mouse.

3 thoughts on “Fibre festivals

  1. SusanOrdish

    Thank you! I am grateful for your view on why you are attending this wonderful event!
    Look forward to seeing you there!


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