MKAL 2022 – fear or FOMO?

Anyone else thinking about joining Westknits MKAL Twists and Turns this year?

I confess, I’ve never participated in any Westknits MKAL, or anybody’s MKAL for that matter. I’ve always succumbed to the “Eeeek – what if I don’t like it when it’s finished” worry that bounced around in my mind. But during the last few MKALS watching from the sidelines, the FOMO builds as knitting friends post pictures of their gorgeous MKAL WIPs. So, this year I’m in!

The timing is right, there’s no other pressing projects, Westknits MKAL 2022 will be on my needles in just a few weeks. My rational brain has reminded me that even when I know what the design is, sometimes I don’t like the finished project, and that’s OK. I’ve either given the thing away to someone who does love it or re-wound the wool and made something else. No worries.

After faffing about with skeins and colours for days I’m leaning towards the trio of my Kindly Dyer yarn (photo on left) but wondering if I should have just a touch more colour with the coral as the accent (photo on right).

I’ve got time to percolate on the options and maybe even swatch a little. It does feel a bit exciting to be venturing into this project using my own natural-dyed yarn.

Now, if anyone out there is still thinking about joining in and fancies going the natural dye way there are some lovely colour combinations possible with the Kindly Dyer yarns. I’ve put a few skeins up in my online FELT shop here.

Stephen @Westknits advises the requirements are 2x 100g skeins each of Main Colour and Contrast Colour plus 1x 100g skein of Accent colour. Ideally that will allow contrast to show up well.

Here’s some ideas……………if you’d like to see other combinations or have questions please message me.  I am happy to take and send you photos.

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